Q: What kind of work do you edit?

A: Any technical scientific writing that falls within my knowledge areas – the majority of my experience is with scientific papers for journals or conferences, but I am also happy to work on reports and student projects.

Q: Which subjects do you work on?

A: I have experience of working on papers regarding geotechnical engineering, geology, sedimentology, hydrology, environmental engineering and geophysics.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: I charge 80CHF per hour of work, please contact me for a estimate of time required for a particular piece of work. I am offering a discount for authors submitting papers to ICPMG 2014, please contact me for a quote mentioning ICPMG.

Q: Do you also correct the science in my papers or just the English?

A: Sadly as I only come into contact with your work at this late stage I am not in a position to correct scientific errors, I only correct the errors regarding your language.

Q: Do you provide translation services?

A: No, I work solely in English. However I can work with a translator to provide that extra technical polish after translation. Please contact me for further information.