I completed an MSci in Geological Sciences from Imperial College, London in 2005, gaining a 2:1. During my degree I specialised in sedimentology and palaeontology. After a short period of volunteering in the palaeontology department at the Natural History Museum, London I began a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering based partly at the Natural History Museum, London and partly at City University, London, which I finished in 2009. The title of my PhD was “Destructuring of the Mercia Mudstone during CFA piling” and involved extensive work both in the field and in the lab.

Since completing my PhD I have worked at ETH Zürich as a postdoctoral researcher for Prof. Sarah Springman. One of my first tasks at ETH was co-editing conference proceedings for “ICPMG 2010”, a major international conference resulting in 2 volumes of conference proceedings which contained 230 papers, all of which were edited for English as well as scientific content. Since working on the conference I have been heavily involved in Safeland, an EU funded FP7 project where I have worked with non-native English speaking authors to write and file reports for the EU in order to guide parliamentary policy on landslide risk. I have also supervised 3 masters projects, and been lecturer for the courses “Soil Mechanics for Geophysics” and “Soil Mechanics for Environmental Engineering”.